Airwaves - Chlorophyllo


Wrigley's Airwaves wanted to promote its Chlorophyll flavored gum. It's green with a kick.

What else is green with a kick you say? CHLOROPHYLLO! The strongest luchador on the planet. We watched dozens of old Mexican Lucha Libre movies, then re-edited them into a new story along with a never-seen-before interactive mechanic : (drumroll) bashing your keyboard. The harder you smash, the more the story advances and points you win. 

Chlorophyllo has to be the most fun I've ever had on a project, largely thanks to the amazing work of Oscar Tillman and the whole team at B-Reel London.

Play Chlorophyllo here. Send me a photo of your smashed keyboard and I will reward you.
Chlorophyllo's on Facebook as well!



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Full Credits

No project can happen without the help of everyone involved.
Thank you.

Partner: Siavosh Zabeti

Agency: DDB Paris
Client: Wrigleys Airwaves
ECD: Alexandre Hervé
AD / CW: Alexander Kalchev
AD / CW: Siavosh Zabeti
Accounts: Thomas Granger, Delphine Beer-Gabel, Guillaume Cossou

Interactive Production company: B-Reel London
Creative Director: Oscar Tillman
Executive Producer: Eva Mautino