Welcome to my page.
Here you can find most of my work.
Some projects I find good, others could have been better, but I hope the best are, as they say, yet to come.

For the sake of brevity, the index page contains the project videos alone.
For in-depth descriptions, please follow the links underneath each project.

Honda - The Centaur

Tropicana - Natural Energy

Greenpeace - New Bees

INPES - Attraction

Bouygues Telecom - Become

Voyages-SNCF - The Welcome Service

Voyages-SNCF - The Escape Machine

L'Equipe - Shadows

Bouygues Telecom - The Facebook Book

Airwaves - Chlorophyllo

Powertape - Powertape Can

Henkel - Chaos at Home

MINI - The MINI Store