Voyages-SNCF - The Escape Machine

Further Than You Imagined, part 2

After The Welcome Service, we created the second crazy service in our "Further Than You Imagined" campaign - "The Escape Machine". A huge black cube with a red button, waiting mysteriously at a square in the centre of Paris. Those who dared venture close to the machine and press the red button were in for a surprise…

At the end of the Youtube video, we redirected the viewers to a website where they could press the button themselves and win a reward, thus making it a real integrated experience.

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Epica : Silver | Cannes Lions: Shortlist | French ADC: Black Sphere

Full Credits

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Partner: Siavosh Zabeti

Agency: DDB Paris
Client: voyages-SNCF
ECD: Alexandre Hervé
AD / CW: Alexander Kalchev
AD / CW: Siavosh Zabeti
Accounts: Stephane Hardel, Fabien Donnay, Hélène Lardier
TV Producer: Catherine Guiol

Production company: CZAR / Warm and Fuzzy
Director: Pleix
Executive Producers: Jean Ozzanat, Edward Grann

Sound Production: THE